About Us

An Outstanding Team With Experience And Vision

We are a UK focused property development company with an aim to develop larger family homes but at affordable prices.


King of Kings Development Limited is a UK focused property development Company. Our strategy is to build and monetise an extensive and diversified portfolio of residential, commercial and mixed use freehold property assets, primarily through investment in sites to develop out, with the option also to sell or hold for income in the future.

King of Kings Development Limited aims to build a portfolio which will be spread across residential and commercial property sectors, multiple geographies in the UK, so diversifying risk for the business, its future investors and stakeholders.

The business has investment criteria including a target return for each project type against which each opportunity is assessed when determining which ones to pursue and invest resources in.

All opportunities will be evaluated for their investment or resale potential. The decision to hold for investment or resale at any point in time will be influenced by a number of factors.

These include the financing structure, judgement on the timing of disposal to maximise return, the opportunity cost of holding and economic factors such as the general economic environment, interest rates and investment demand.
We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver the full property development lifecycle for customers from site identification through to development and asset management.
We are proud of our track record in never having failed to secure planning permission for a site. This is the result of the high level of due diligence undertaken on every opportunity and the relationships built with the planning departments before deciding to invest.

King of Kings Development Ltd are selling these apartment off plan, please contact us on the details below :

Telephone: 02081441609 or email them at: info@kokdevelopments.co.uk